Have Faith

Have Faith, for Faith is Everything

Have Faith in your Strengths

Have Faith in your Beliefs

Have Faith that things will workout

Have Faith that you can do it

Have Faith that you have a Purpose

Have Faith that Karma is Real

Have Faith, for Faith shakes Mountains

Have Faith, for Faith let’s you Dream

Have faith, for Faith gives Hope in uncertainty

Have Faith, for Faith is everything when you have Nothing

Have faith, for this Nothing will Soon become Everything.

Written by,

Anum Hassan

The Time

The Time

At the start of 2017 lets remind ourselves that “Time changes”, good or bad it has always changed and it will always change.
 At the current time whether you are at a good place or a bad place, trust me it will change because phenomena of life is change. 

It might be their day today but your day will definitely come my love when the world will clap to your success and people will sing with joy for you. So don’t lose hope and keep moving forward with positive attitude,  meaningful strategy and hard work.

On the other hand, if it it is your day today and you are at a happy place then remember to stay humble and keep moving forward towards your goals but being humble is the key as at times a little taste of success might fill our hearts with the darkness of pride which is not a great place for long term so keep moving forward with all the good thoughts in your heart and head.

Happy 2017 Everyone ūüėä

Written by

Anum Hassan

Quality life

Quality life

Great health is achieved  by eating good food not by posting it to social media

The real elegance is in dressing up decently not in wearing high street brands

The happy moments are spent with people you love at ordinary places not at  five star hotels, the place doesn’t matters; the feelings do

Success is gained by working hard using any company’s gadgets. Apple Mac or Samsung Galaxy can’t assure you success

And at the end how you treated others determines how will you be remembered not how good you lookLive, laugh, love because quality memories belong to little things and ordinary places.

Don’t Take Favors

Don’t Take Favors

This spring take an oath to yourself that you will never take unnecessary favors from other people whether they ask for it or not. Whether it is something minor major.

Learn to help yourself and mother nature will help you. Learn to be independent, learn to trust yourself just the way birds trust their wings even in the harshest winds, just the way rivers trust their flow even in the hottest days and just the way moon trusts its brightness even in the darkest of the nights.

Tough or smooth; Time will pass but a favor taken from a wrong person will keep you occupied for a long time or at times for rest of your life, so always try to be self sufficient. Keep the strength of achieving your goals on your own abilities and destiny will follow you.     


Planning for tommorrow and living in past is something we all do everyday but what we don’t do is remembering to live in today. No day is same as other; time changes,circumstances change… Make sure you are not forgetting to live in present while striving to make future better. It is said that a person has time and health in childhood but no money, the same person has money and health when he is young but no time because he is busy making money, in a battle of having better status than others that he forgets to live and when he is old he has both time and money but no health because all health got consumed  in the struggle of making future beautiful but future is here now and how can it be beautiful without the basic necessity of health. 

Let’s remember  to live in today as well while working for future. The things you have today might not be with you in future; cherish them while you can.

Today remember to spend sometime alone and pamper yourself, remember to play with your kids, remember to go on a drive with your other half and remember to visit your parents as things might change tommorrow.

Those Forgotten Pillars

Those Forgotten Pillars

It has been about two months now but I can still not forget her, the strange thing is that I don’t even know her not even her name and neither did she knew anything about me, but I do remember her face almost everyday and I think to myself I hope she is coping well with these silent and cold winters.

It was about 5:30 in the evening when I was going back from work commuting via bus, sat down quietly I was going through updates on my different social media accounts when some one suddenly started talking to me¬†which was pretty unusual for me as I don’t communicate much to strangers, anyhow I looked up and it was an innocent looking¬†lady in her seventies with blonde bob cut hair and a feeling of loneliness in her eyes. She was talking to me telling me things I didn’t had no interest in, she continued speaking and kept making conversation, to be honest I don’t know what she was talking about; all I remember is that she was talking to me like she knew me since ages, like I was her friend and I realised looking in her eyes that she just needed some one to speak to; someone who could listen to her. So, I kept listening to her with a smiling face and she kept speaking continuously. My mobile-phone¬†rang in between once but I decided to put it on silent and continued listening to her as I didn’t wanted to spoil her moment…… and the feeling of contentment on her face gave me a strange kind of happiness deep inside.

The bus stopped and I had to go but she would still not stop talking, she didn’t want me to go but I had to leave, my destination had reached. Now thinking and¬†realising the fact that how lonely she would have been that she trusted a random person at a public place and was talking so openly makes my heart tremble everyday that what have we become as a society that the pillars of this society; our elders are desperate for some one to talk to them. It is since then¬†that I have started observing¬†the number of¬†old age people in shopping and eating places with their families and/or friends and I am¬†disappointed to notice that it is pretty¬†uncommon to see an old age person (70+) with family or friends at a restaurant or cinema, you get to see an old lady or gentleman at a supermarket every now and then but even then they¬†seem lonely. According to various researches about one million older people don’t get to see or speak to anyone for an entire month not even over¬†the telephone (1) (2).

Imagine how would it feel if no one would talk to us in our old age when most people surrounding us today would have passed away?  These old age people are pillars of our society because these are the people who formed foundation of the society we live in today and who transformed us from weak infants to what we are today and no one should forget that buildings with weak foundations face higher risk of collapsing.


Written by

Anum Hassan



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The lost me

Running in this battle of life I have forgotten my actual being, yes I have forgoten everything  about myself and after how long have I realised today looking at the mirror that how far have I came moving with the fast pace of time, the same mirror hanged in my room which I see everyday but never make time to observe myself that where has time brought me and how fastly is it changing my appearance. In the reflection of mirror I found a little glimpse of someone I have left far behind and now even finding that one glimpse of that myself seems so hard that once I was, With time moving faster than anything else I am unable to think that where has life brought me, understanding why has life brought me here far off I am unable to feel where I am, living in fixed routines of movement with clock it is just not possible to ask one’s soul what does it wants, it is hard to find few moments of pure satisfaction and remedy for the soul; the same soul that is actual reason of my life and yes yet I am living happily.